1. Do I need an appointment to try on dresses?

We prefer that you book an appointment with us, so we can ensure to have enough time to consult you. Also, if you already know which style or specific gown you are after, we will think of sample gowns that might be the best fit and be prepared for you, to make the most out of your appointment!

2. What is your price range?

We have different price ranges for custom made, made to measure or off the rack dresses, depending on what stye of dress so we need to know what you're looking for specifically first before we can advise you on the pricing. If you request any additional changes, it would add to the price.

3. How much time does it take to make my dress?

We need 6 to 8 months for our made to measure gowns, and want to make sure that you had your final fitting and can pick up your dress at least 1 month before your wedding. So, the sooner you decide on your dress the better!

4. Can I still order a made to measure gown if my wedding is in less than 6 months?

Yes, you can! We will put through a rush order, and ensure that your gown arrives in time. We do however need a minimum of 3 months for rush orders, and an additional fee will occur.

5. What sizes are your sample gowns in store?

Our sample gowns are mostly size 8 (Australian), but we have several size 10 and some size 12-14 gowns available for you to try. However, don’t worry, we will help you to get an idea of the dress you’re trying by pinning back areas that are too large, or extending areas that are too small.

6. Am I allowed to take photos of the dress I’m trying?

Unfortunately we don’t allow photos. It’s our company policy, as we want to protect our designs, but also believe that if you know that you have found your dream dress, you will remember it. You can however refer to our website and Instagram page where we have a wide collection of photos available.

7. Can I request changes on the dress I’ve chosen?

Absolutely! There’s a range of modifications we offer, depending on the gown you choose. If you order one of our made to measure gowns, you can for example choose a different colour, add long sleeves, extend or shorten the train, or alter the neckline, to name just a few.

8. Do I pay the full amount up front when ordering a dress?

No. First you pay a deposit of the full price, which is due on the day of the purchase. The remaining  amount is due after your final fitting, when you pick up your dress.

9. Will I need alterations when I order a made to measure dress?

As we will take your exact measurements when you purchase your dress, you most likely won’t need any alterations, as the gown will be made to your size and will fit perfectly. If your weight fluctuates though, there might be alterations and additional cost. If you know in advance that you will lose or gain weight, we can take your measurements slightly tighter or wider, so alterations won’t occur. But don’t worry, in any case we are still able to alter your dress and make it fit perfectly!

10. How many fittings will I have?

Usually there are 2 fittings. We call them the first and final fitting. As soon as your gown arrives in store, we call you to arrange your first fitting. You can bring your wedding shoes (if already purchased), and together we check the fit of the dress, length etc. You can order a bustle for your train at this stage, if needed, which will be done in time for your final fitting.