Blanche Bridal at the Ultimate Bridal Event!

Dear brides-to-be, we hope that you've had a amazing start to the year! We certainly had an absolutely brilliant January 2018 as we've been getting so many beautiful brides coming in and placing orders for our made to measure and custom made dresses! 

One of our biggest highlights of January is being part of the Ultimate Bridal Event! We successfully held one of our most successful expo runway show yet! In this event, we debuted six of our new dresses from our latest 2018 collection.

Here's a sneak peak of these wonderful dresses: 

 Blanche's latest collection of dresses on the runway!

Blanche's latest collection of dresses on the runway!

Taking part in the bridal event was without doubt very hard work as there was so much preparation work involved pre-event and backstage. For this event, we debuted 6 brand new designs from our 2018 collection which took a few months' relentless work to produce. Our dresses are completely handmade, so we're so grateful for our hardworking workshop pattern drafters, seamstress and embroiderer who went above and beyond to finish these dresses on time for the runway show! No pain no gain as the saying goes. 

We're so appreciative of the wonderful organizers of the Ultimate Bridal Event - Australian Bridal Service! They've done an exceptional job at organizing the runway shows, models, lights, make-up, hair-styling, music, filming, etc, and we're so glad our dresses were showcased so well on the runway. We've been getting numerous inquiries about the dresses and we couldn't be happier. 

Thank you to all the brides-to-be that came by our stand and gave us lovely comments about our dresses! We fully appreciate it and without your loving support we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we love - creating beautiful wedding dresses! 

Your customised dream dress

We know that finding the perfect wedding dress can be very challenging.

Some brides we meet don’t know what they want at all, which can be a plus as they are open to try different styles, but also difficult when they can’t make a decision and spend hours of trying gowns and get nowhere in the end.

Others know exactly what they want, and even if we don’t have that particular sample dress for them to try in our store, we can create the look they have in mind!

 Custom design sketch

Custom design sketch

As our dresses are made-to-measure and designed by our very own designer, we are very flexible in making our brides’ wishes come true: Say, for example, you like the lace on one of the sample dresses but there’s something about the sleeves you don’t quite like? No problem.

We will ask you to try dresses on, and then talk about possible adjustments to the design. Want to change the colour from champagne to ivory? Add long sleeves or modify the mesh neckline to a spaghetti strap and lower back? Extend or shorten the train? Add lining or extend the boning to make it more flattering for your body shape? Of course!

We will do our best to show you what we can do on the spot, while you are wearing the sample dress. Our designer will also draw a sketch to fully visualise the dress with the changes, so you can make an informed decision and can then say 'Yes!' to your very own customised dream dress!

 Custom design dress

Custom design dress

Wedding Dress Silhouettes – Everything You Need to Know.

Shopping for the wedding dress can be an exciting, yet often an overwhelming experience. There are so many gowns to try, so many designs to compare and, as it always seems, so little time left.

Therefore, here at Blanche Bridal we have decided to help you with the very first decision you will have to make heading to the bridal store: “Which dress silhouette will suit me?”

Fit & Flare


Fit & Flare dresses fit tight through the bodice onto the hip before flaring out slightly. Because fitting of the dress is closer to the body, it creates very flattering and modern silhouette. Fit & Flare gowns are very popular amongst brides in Australia, as they are offering a very comfortable fitting. So first and foremost, Fit & Flare gowns are a convenient choice for so popular outdoor weddings.



Most of brides dreamt about their wedding day since they were little. If you do not wish to give up on that dream, then the ballgown silhouette is the right pick for you! With a full skirt and small waist, this silhouette is dramatic, romantic and timeless at the same time. It is a perfect pick for a fairy-tale wedding and the beginning of your happily ever after.



Similar to a ballgown, an A-line emphasises the smallest part of your waist and flares out from it so the skirt resembles the letter A. The silhouette features a flowing skirt, but without the puffiness and richness of a ballgown. Universally flattering, an A-line is always an elegant choice.



The sexy Mermaid gown hugs all your curves before flaring out dramatically at the knee. Even if you think you do not have curves for such dress, don’t you worry! This silhouette will create them for you by defining your waist and hips into a perfect hourglass shape.



A figure hugging straight dress that often tightens up at the waist, this dress tends to work best on slim and well-toned figures as it tends to cling to the body. 

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Our friendly team of consultants is always happy to help you pick the wedding dress silhouette that is just right for you. Head to Blanche Bridal to try our gorgeous wedding dresses and we will help you to find The One for you!


Getting Started - Finding your wedding Dress

Finding your wedding dress can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience.

Before you hit the stores here are a few helpful hints to make the process as enjoyable, less stressful, most memorable and as easy as possible!

To get the most out of your Bridal Dress experience:

1. Give yourself enough time.

A lot of Bridal designers and Bridal dress shops make to measure and only carry stock once a dress is ordered. The average time for most designers to order and make a Bridal Dress is between 6- 12 months however if your dress requires a particular lace or any custom changes this could take up to 18 months.

2. Set a Budget

Be real. Discuss your budget with your fiancé and any family members helping pay for your dress.

3. Have an idea of what style you want and look good in

Do your research, look at photos. Pinterest is a great place to start and an amazing wedding styling tool! Does your wedding have a theme? Bohemian, garden, regal? If so do you want your dress to reflect that?


4. Be open!

It is true, at least 70% of our Brides actually end up choosing a completely different dress to what they had in mind. It is also a good idea to try on to eliminate. If you have a family member or friend telling you, you should wear a particular style give it a go there is usually only two outcomes- You prove them wrong and get them to warm up to the style of your choice or you actually surprise yourself.